Gauteng and NW Province

Samsung’s solar powered internet school

A world 1st project, Samsung’s solar powered internet school model has been recognised by the Africa Energy Awards as the continent’s solar project of the year.

The exclusively solar powered, mobile and completely independent classroom is geared to increasing accessibility to education and connectivity across Africa.

The school is housed in a 12m long shipping container, can accommodate 12 students and the fold-up solar panels power the classroom’s equipment for nine hours a day and one and a half days without sunlight.
Simply Green Issue 6 2012

I always smile when I read about such wonderful creative inventions. I felt the same when I read about Water Rhapsody’s water conservation systems. It just makes perfect sense. Please consider it; water conservation is a shared responsibility. South Africa is a semi-arid country, we really don’t have a choice anymore. Rainwater harvesting is so brilliantly simple; you save money and you save water at the same time. It still makes me smile…

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