Gauteng and NW Province

Water shortage in Gauteng 2013

The possibility of a water shortage in Gauteng by 2013 is of great concern.

There is no question that current shortages relating to energy and other infrastructure have heightened the level of anxiety in the country. As debates on the possible water shortage scenarios continue, what is certain is that South Africa has a lot of work ahead, if it is to ensure its water resources are properly managed for growth.
Edited by: Creamer Media Reporter

I am most concerned because of the way this water crisis is handled. There seems to be an underlying tone of ‘it will be sorted out in due time’. Unfortunately, without water there is no life. The ‘challenge’ cannot be solved once you have a crisis at hand. Then it is too late. Then there will definitely be people wihout water and THAT is a concern. We have such a high crime and protest rate in this country already, imagine what it will be like with a lack of water! Please concerve water. You don’t have to wait until you have water restrictions or water outages. You can recycle your grey water for your garden and harvest rainwater for your household use. That way you are off the grid during the rain season and decrease the demand for water.

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