Gauteng and NW Province

Water Conflict in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran

The Stream, December 3, 2012

Iran and Pakistan depend on four rivers that flow out of Afghanistan for irrigation. That reality makes water a critical issue in the region, Time reported, already driving executions and speculation about infrastructure sabotage between governments.

Mississippi River Levels
In a letter released Friday, sixteen U.S. Senators appealed to President Barack Obama to divert Missouri River water to the Mississippi River. The emergency action, Reuters reported, was requested as grain exporters have already cut barge weights by 50 percent, and record-low river levels are expected by mid-December, further blocking vital cargo traffic.

Global Woes
Scientists, economist, development experts and more warn that a global water crisis threatens countries’ stability and the health of billions around the world, The Christian Science Monitor reported. The broad overview story focuses on the possibilities in proper valuation of water, efficient usage and planning, since a lack of overall supply is not the central problem.

Tap Water and Health
A study from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology draws preliminary links between food allergies and pesticides found in tap water. The study focused on diclorophenols, a chlorine found in certain pesticides that could kill bacteria in human digestive systems, ABC News reported.

Water and the Internet
The United Kingdom’s power and water infrastructure is threatened by cyber attacks from foreign hackers, government officials said. The UK government will release its complete cyber-security strategy soon, The Independent reported.

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