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No end in sight to Limpopo water crisis

Tuesday 4 December 2012
Kgaogelo Magolego

The water crisis in Limpopo’s Mopani district is worsening and there isn’t a solution in sight. The district is marred by persistent water shortages and at some stage bore holes were flagged as a solution.
A plan to get water from the Nandoni dam in Vhembe was derailed by court action. Now residents say their health is being seriously compromised. They believe government is not prioritising water provision.
Resident David Magagane says, “Bore holes provided by the municipality are not working and the municipal water tankers are not coming as frequently as they should. The municipality has not been spending money it got from the national government to address the water shortage.”

However the municipality has blamed the weather.

Spokesperson for the Mopani District Municipality Neil Shikwambana says, “The district has not been getting good rains and as a result there is not enough underground water to keep bore holes going. Water being pumped from the Nandoni dam outside Thohoyandou to the Nsami dam in Giyani seems to be the only solution at this stage but is going to take yet another year.”

Residents are hoping pressure from institutions such as the public protector will force local authorities to come up with a lasting solution.


Blame it on the weather! Well well well…. How many times can it be said that South Africa is a semi-arid country!? Our rainfall IS predicted, we just don’t listen to these predictions! If those who make the decisions, will take time and address the water problems accordingly, and listen to the water conservationist’s solutions then we wouldn’t be in this dilemma. If the municipalities can force everyone to recycle and re-use their grey water we will save a huge amount of water that is being used for irrigation and by harvesting rainwater and use it inside your house we save all that water being drawn from the dams and reservoirs during the summer. There ARE solutions, you are just not being told by the municipalities, because they would make a whole lot less money if you turn to other solutions…. There are so many different rainwater tanks on the market, you will surely find one that suits your style. You CAN control your own water!

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