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Water conservation under the spotlight amid pollution concerns

Mpumalanga’s greatest concern regarding water issues is water pollution. This came to the fore during a consultative workshop between non-governmental organisations and the Department of Water Affairs in White River, today.

The workshop encourages participation in the process of finalising the National Water Resources Strategy 2. This strategy will set out the direction for water resources management for the next twenty years focussing on 2013-2017.

Chief Director of the Department of Water Affairs in Mpumalanga, Fikile Guma, says working together is the only way to ensure that there will be enough clean water available to all in the future.

“The department and government can ensure this by ensuring that we have optimum participation. Miners, other water users, civil society, everybody must be on board to understand how the problem occurs and how we want to mitigate as well as to make sure that, in future, we all recognise that water has a value,” says Guma.

Guma says that water is not free, neither is it cheap and that it should be conserved for the future.

Friday 30 November 2012 19:12

Rainwater is free; harvest it! Why pay for something that a) you never know what quality it is and b) you never know when you will be stranded without it. By storing water in water tanks will at least help you during water outages. And by recycling your grey water for irrigation purposes you don’t have to pay again; bought once, used twice.

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