Gauteng and NW Province

Water supply in rural South Africa

Drinking water supply in South African rural areas is mostly not sustainable, to say the least. There are still millions of people without access to an adequate supply of safe drinking water. If they are lucky enough to HAVE water then the quantity of water available for drinking purposes is seriously impacted upon by global climate change (which contributes to severe droughts in certain areas, while increased frequency and extent of flooding is causing considerable damage in other areas. Almost every town or city in South Africa has experienced either of the above. The quality of existing water resources is also deteriorating, So what is the solution? Every year we listen to budget speeches, every year we listen to promises, every year we still have people without water.

At this present moment there is a children’s home in Ratjepane, North West, that often experience water outages of up to three weeks! In my opinion that is just totally unacceptable.

Rainwater harvesting offers a solution during the rain season. Harvest what you can, when you can and literally ‘save it for a dry day’. In the right conditions water can be stored in tanks for months on end. At least then the children will have water.

What some take for granted means life to others.

Please conserve water; use it sparingly.

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