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Protect Tasmania’s Native Forests!

The safety of Tasmania’s forests is in limbo.

Last year, Prime Minister Julia Gillard offered an industry assistance package that would have granted World Heritage nominations to some native forests and stopped logging altogether in most.

However, the deal has become a prolonged affair due to the failure of Forest Industry Association of Tasmania to agree to the proposed, conservation-minded plan.

The forestry and logging industry employs just under 1,000 workers in Tasmania after recent cuts. Proposed deals would not shut down the industry; instead, they would work to keep logging in check.

As unofficial talks proceed, we need to let officials know how strongly we support the protection of these native forests.

A peace deal is long overdue.

We always seem to wait till it is too late. I think it is part of the human nature. We only stop war once we have killed thousands of soldiers and civilians. We only start taking care of the environment when we experience extreme weather patterns. We only start to save water when we experience drought etc. BUT do we really think we can reverse the damage we have done? Taking and taking without giving is out of balance. We need to conserve the environment, we need to take care of our water. If we don’t change our act very soon, it might just be too late.

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