Gauteng and NW Province

Eco-preneur indigenous trees reforestation

The eco-preneur indigenous trees reforestation project encourages children to grow indigenous trees either at home or at school.

Once established, the saplings are sold and planted to reforest areas that have been decimated by industry or rural development. The children receive credits for their saplings to buy school uniforms and equipment, helping them to develop an entrepreneurial attitude along with gaining an understanding of conservation in their area. The project aims to help re-establish natural habitats and support the local community. In addition to this, for international companies, who participate in the Imbumba Challenge, the Eco-preneur initiative aims to help make the program carbon-neutral through both minimising their carbon emissions and offsetting the balance. By purchasing a tree for reforestation as part of their commitment they can offset their travel carbon output while helping children in poor rural communities.

<strong>Simply Green Issue 4 2012

The need to change to a more water-friendly irrigation method is also very important. There are many different systems availbale including drip irrigation. As a semi-arid country we simply do not have a choice anymore.Water is life.

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