Gauteng and NW Province

Topping up of swimming pools.

During the hot South African summer months you can easily lose up to 2 000L of water through evaporation. That is enough water to last a family of four for two days! With the Water Rhapsody Poolside Tank you can recycle your backwashed pool water and use that same water for topping up purposes again. A wonderful way of saving water, besides, it is illegal to send your backwashed pool water into the street and that water is very earth UNfriendly. We have enough polluted water already, we don’t need to add to it. Please recycle and re-use water.

If you combine a small water tank e.g the Jojo ‘Slimline’ 750L or any other tank, and harvest rainwater as well you can top up your pool without needing additional municipal / borehole water. It saves money and water.

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