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R258m allocated for second phase of Metsi a Me project

The Department of Water Affairs has announced that a further R258 million will be spent on the clean-up, rehabilitation and maintenance of the Hartbeespoort Dam.

Water Affairs spokesperson Mava Scott said the allocation follows the conclusion of the successful first phase of the Integrated Biological Remediation Program at the Dam.

This amount budgeted for the 2013/14 financial year will be spent on operation and maintenance, fast tracking and full scale implementation and extension of the remediation program for the once heavily polluted dam.

The department also intends to conduct an independent review on the programme as part of the requirement for further continuation.

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I can’t help but to wonder who is going to pay for this little second phase. Is it not better to tackle the source of the problem? Start there where the pollution starts; where raw sewage flows into our rivers that in turn flow into our dams. Nothing is being done THERE! Everybody just shifts the blame – not one municipality ever takes the responsibility. I see backwashed pool water being pumped into the streets regularly or worse even being directed into the sewar line! Why should they stop? Nobody stops them? People aren’t even aware that it is illegal. That backwashed water is very ‘earth unfriendly’. Please consider our backwashed pool recycling system. By re-using that water you help by sending less polluted water to our dams and rivers.

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