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Fifteen water leaks in one suburb in one day!

Last week Friday afternoon fifteen water leaks had been reported in the Schoemansville, Hartbeespoort.

Ward councillor Graeme peplar, as well as various residents reported the water leaks.

“The problem seems to be that the municipality only reacts quickly if a major pipe bursts,” said Graeme.

“The municipal value, according to the municipal valuation role, of all properties in Schoemansville is R 1 353 509 000, a quick calculation, taking into account the R 20 000 primary rebate and the 30% residential rebate, adds up to R 10 541 052 of rates paid annually, or R 878 421 billed each month. How much of this money, if any, is spent on general maintenance in Schoemansville?”

The municipality has not responded to the Kormorant’s enquiry about the cause of water leaks. Some of the leaks were fixed over the weekend.

Kormorant 8 November to 14 November 2012

It is a total joke; On the one hand we are being told to “conserve water, it is the right thing to do”, but on the other hand we have water leaks like this that can take WEEKS to be fixed. So what is the answer? I say just get yourself sorted out; conserve water, save wherever you can and get off the grid. Harvest your own rainwater and recycle your grey water. You will always have back-up water in your water tanks in case of water outages during the winter months when you don’t have any rain – what a pleasure….

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