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Filthy clinic without water, medicine.

More than a hundred patients at the Hartbeespoort municipal clinic were sent home on Friday after the clinic had to be closed because of no water, faulty toilets and lack of medicine.

“The clinic is in an appalling state and Last Wednesday there was no water. It was reported but the Madibeng municipality did not attend to it and by Friday there was no other option but to close the clinic,” said was council Erna Roussouw.

“This is an important health care facility and at the moment not only Hartbeespoort residents use it but also patients from Majakaneng and Bapong.

The nursing staff sees up to 150 patents per day. The carpets are filthy, the toilets are broken, the cooler bag for vaccines was stolen and never replaced, the geyser was removed by Madibeng and never replaced and there is a shortage of medication people’s lives depend on. The clinic has no security system,” she said.

“This is totally unacceptable. The municipality is endangering the lives of people because there is no maintenance. This is the epitome of bad service delivery.”

The municipality has not responded to the Kormorant’s enquiry by the time of going to press.

Kormorant 1 November to 7 November 2012

I suppose it is another “challenge” the country is facing. I wonder if we will still call it a “challenge” when South Africa ends up in dire straits because of a lack of water. It will be no surprise to me at all if one day you open your tap and voila, no water, just like that. You can report it. If you are lucky somebody might answer your call within a couple of days. What we seem to forget here is that water is essential to LIFE. (sigh). Just get off the grid – that way at least you KNOW what you are in for. If you harvest all your own water you know what you have available and for how long it will last you. A full water tank to me is one of the biggest comforts in life.

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