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Pressure on municipality to withdraw tariff increase

The Madibeng municipality has received a final demand from the action committee representing residents in Hartbeespoort and Brits to withdraw the implementation of the new water tariffs.

“The Madibeng Services Action Committee (MSAC), representing bulk water meter users in Brits and Hartbeespoort, issued the demand through its legal representative on 16 October after the municipality failed to respond to our earlier declaration of a dispute on 3 October,” said committee member Von Hamman.

“We pointed out that virtually no public participation took place in respect of the preparation of the 2012/13 budget and determination of the new water tariffs, that no vote, or an irregular vote, took place, and that it was not adequately publicised”.

The MSAC demands that the municipality, within 14 days, provide a comprehensive written response to their correspondence as well as a written undertaking to immediately withdraw the implementation of the new water tariff increase, pending a consultative process to determine a new tariff that complies with relevant legislation.

Kormorant 25 October to 31 October 2012

Nobody likes an increase in tariffs, water or electricity; yet, it forces people to change their lifestyles, to start conserving water. The ignorance towards water is concerning. By increasing the tariffs a lot of people will start appreciating water more. It’s the same with electricity. If it wasn’t because of the tariff increases very few people would’ve gone the solar / alternative energy route. You can still make a fire and prepare food if you have no electricity, but without water you cannot live.

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