Gauteng and NW Province

Stewards of water

According to the National Water Resource Strategy, South Africa will face a deficit of 17% of demand by 2030. For many water-intensive businesses, this represents a significant challenge.

SAB says it strives to demonstrate water stewardship, which refers to water users taking responsibility to promote more sustainable use and management of water.

SAB is one of the first companies to have undertaken a detailed water footprint study, which revealed that more than 90% of water across the supply chain to make a litre of beer lies in the agricultural sector through the cultivation of barley and hops.

On average, SAB uses just under 4L of water to produce 1L of beer. SAB is committed to reduce its water consumption in the brewery by 25% by 2015. This equates to a target of 3.5L of water per litre of beer.

SAB’s breweries are currently ranked amongst world leaders in terms of responsible management of water during the brewing process. The company says it exercises strict control and management of the quality of discharged water at the end of the production cycle in breweries.

Simply Green Issue 4 2012

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