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Going green is much more than measuring a carbon footprint. Once we’ve measured and reduced the carbon footprints of our properties – the energy saving, water conservation and waste management – what about everything else that we use every day? Lorraine Jenkins reports.
We are realising that ‘green living’ is not a choice, it is crucial. We are consuming 150% of the planet’s resources. To continue as we are, we will need two planets within the next 50 years. We take, and give nothing back. So, the correct phrase for ‘green living’ is ‘sustainable living’. Before we buy anything, we need to stop and consider its impact on the environment throughout its lifespan. Wood from managed forests, crops grown as God intended, no toxic pollution, less global transporting and, in a perfect world, zero waste.
Simply Green Issue 5 2012

Please conserve water. Every little bit helps. If you can’t harvest your rainwater then recycle your grey water. If you can’t have big 5 000L Jojo tanks then have a small 1 000L water tank. It is that simple. Just do it.

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