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Greywater Recycling And Reuse In A Hotel Building – Dead Sea, Jordan

Water is a scarce commodity in Jordan. During peak season, a Spa Hotel on the Dead Sea, Jordan, has to hire private water suppliers to fill the hotel‘s water tank up to ten times every day.
The cost to the hotel business and the environment is considerable. Public water supply is available at a significantly lower price, but it comes nowhere near to satisfying the needs of this four-star hotel. Approximately 80 per cent of the wastewater generated daily by each hotel room at a wellness facility like the Dead Sea Spa Hotel takes the form of greywater. This water comes from baths, showers, and wash basins, and can be treated and reused. When the growing stream of tourists made it necessary to expand the hotel complex in 2008, it became more critical for the hotel owner to try new ways of managing water at the resort. The hotel became a pilot operation and the first company in the Arab world to install a modern greywater recycling plant that allows greywater to be reused within a single building. With support from the Jordanian water authorities and technical assistance from Deutsche Gesellschaft für.
Greywater from the Dead Sea Spa Hotel is now being turned into high quality industrial service water that meets the hygiene requirements of the European Union (EU) Bathing Water Directive. The water is treated without chemical additives in an entirely mechanical-biological process and is subsequently used to flush toilets.

Material for this case study was kindly provided by the GTZ program in Jordan.

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