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Bloody pollution

Businesses in the Brits industrial area have been suffering under the severe pollution of the De Kroon rivulet running through the area the past three weeks.

The rivulet appeared to be bloody and filled with fatty deposits, similar to suspected pollution from the Brits abbatoir earlier this year.

After two weeks of complaints by various industries the Madibeng municipality said last week that it had received complaints regarding the pollution and an investigation was done.

“Evident discharges of blood was found and fat deposits blocked the manholes. There are industries which are possible pollutants and the municipality is concluding its investigation and will issue a directive to those industries to rehabilitate all the affected areas,” municipal spokesperson Lebogag Tsogang said.

“The municipality has started with the process of unblocking all the sewer manholes from the abattoir section using rods and jet pumps,” she said. “Fat deposits were observed and hence we are engaging with industries to also play a role in rehabilitating the stream.” She said the municipality views the matter as serious and is consulting with the relevant industries.

Kormorant 5 October 2012

If it’s not raw sewage running in the road then it’s blood and fat in the rivulet…. At least this time the municipality seems to be innocent. But still the pollution of our water continues. Aware or unaware… the result is the same – polluted rivers, polluted dams.

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