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More prospecting rights – De Wildt North West

Another four applications for prospecting rights in De Wildt have now been submitted to the Northwest Department of Mineral Resources to prospect for platinum group metals and chrome ore.

A participation meeting is planned for 17 October, a notice from environmental consultants on behalf of the applicant, Halovax Investments (Pty) Ltd announced this week.

The intended prospecting areas concern 21 properties situated on the farm Zilkaatsnek 439 JQ, south of the N4, north of the De Wildt / Pretoria-North Road and east of the R511.

These applications follow an application brought earlier this year for prospecting chrome, copper, coal and platinum metals on another 36 portions by another company, Stonibut Trading and Invest 14 (Edms) Bpk.

During a public participation meeting about the first application brought in May landowners declared unequivocally that their farms were not for sale and that they will fight prospecting no matter what. During the heated public meeting in De Wildt the affected landowners made it volubly clear that they would do anything to stop the proposed prospecting in this beautiful area.

John Wesson, of the Wildlife and Environment Society of SA (WESSA) said that the relevant area might be included in the Magaliesberg Biosphere and be registered as a conservancy next year. “Up until then we cannot allow any prospecting.”

Kormorant 5 October 2012

We cannot allow more mines to pollute our area. Our rivers and dams are so polluted already and we just destroy more and more land, demanding more and more water, which by now is in such dire straits. Enough already!

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