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‘The Earth not in mind’ at recent Summit

Twenty years ago, the UN summit held in Rio de Janeiro paved the way for landmark agreements on the climate and the environment. This year’s meeting, on the other hand, has been widely criticised for its lack of vision in the face of accelerating degradation of the planet. Ella Bella of SA organisation Generation Earth, spoke at the conference saying” “The outcome document did not go far enough beyond ‘we reaffirm’ statements: no clear measurable goals or targets and no timelines. As Generation Earth we have reaffirmed our commitment to building a more sustainable South Africa and globe. Ultimately we need to ensure that we teach our beliefs and a new way to not only thinking, but a new way of being. The future we want is in our hands, we cannot allow it to be a decision made by those dictated to by economic and trade ties. This year at the second annual Generation Earth Youth Summit on Sustainable Development, we will work on outcomes that are tangible, negotiated and decided on by the youth of today, the custodians of this planet tomorrow. We can only hope that this was not a case of Rio Minus 20.”

Simply Green Issue 4 2012

I have to agree with the above. I see it when I speak to people; most people are not even aware of the fact that we have a water crisis at hand. And if they have heard of it somewhere along the news they don’t believe it is true. “We will never run out of water” was a statement I heard that made my skin crawl. “What would you do if we did?” was my question. The ignorance around water is so scary. Climate change is in your face, whether you like it or not. Fresh water is a huge concern, whether you like it or not. Harvest your rainwater and recycle your grey water. There are so many water tanks to choose from – that is not an excuse anymore. Conservation is your responsibility, whether you like it or not.

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