Gauteng and NW Province

Conserve water in the NW urges expert

Stake holders in North West have been urged to pay more attention to conserving water as a key strategic issue for the province’s long term development plan.

“We must continuously check the capacity of our water, state of water infrastructure and developing better options of delivering water to our communities. If we are serious about achieving all our development goals, we need to find more ways of preserving the water currently available,” advised Prof Mike Muller from Witwatersrand University.
In order to address these challenges, Muller emphasized that the province must monitor the implementation of its water provisioning and management plan to ensure that there will be adequate water supplies available to the people of the province.

He added that government must work with the communities, mining houses, tourism and other business sector in using water efficiently.

“It is important that government work with everyone to conserve water and particularly business institutions that uses more water.”

Brits Pos 31 August 2012

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