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We all need fresh water, especially children

A child needs fresh water to wash their hands, especially if a lack of plumbing leaves bushes and the sea as the only alternatives to a toilet. Children in Kiribati are well acquainted with these toxic conditions, because they’ve led to Kiribati having the highest child mortality rate in all of the Pacific.

The only clean, freshwater sources in Kiribati are inaccessible, emergency stashes from cave pools.

Without ready access to clean water or medical facilities, 20% of children under the age of five succumb to conditions like cholera, malaria, and diarrhoeal disease. A quarter of these children are already severely malnourished, making them even more susceptible to illness.

There simply aren’t resources to help children recover, nor to prevent diseases from spreading in the first place.

Water is life; please conserve it.

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