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Environmentally sustainable solutions for cities

It is well reported that urban buildings utilise around 15% of all potable water, consume up to 40% of all energy, produce up to 23% of worldwide emissions and generate around 40% of all waste!

South Africa is no exception, with 62% of our total population living in cities in 2010 and a predicted urbanisation rate of 1.2% per annum. Food and water shortages, poor infrastructure, lack of housing, and pollution and waste are among the environmental challenges faced by governments during such rapid urbanisation. The Integrated Environmental Management sector is faced with both a challenge and opportunity to contribute significantly to environmentally sustainable solutions for our cities for the future.

IAIA South Africa

I am very happy to see that more and more buildings and schools are installing rainwater harvesting systems as a means of conserving water. Big blocks of flats can re-use grey water for toilet flushing. Water Rhapsody provides so many different systems – please conserve water; make every drop count.

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