Gauteng and NW Province

Going Green with Eco-Schools

“People who appreciate nature can sometimes get quite despondent about the crisis our planet is facing.” says Cathy Dzerefos, Provincial Programme Manager: WESSA Eco-Schools,
Being part of the Eco-Schools programme, one of WESSA’s flagship projects, is very exciting as it is about getting teachers, children and parents more involved in proactive steps. This is an international environmental education programme that awards schools for environmental action projects and learning takes place in the classroom. It is the only environmental education programme that is occurring throughout South Africa and has had remarkable success since its initiation in 2003.
Rustenburg Herald 3 August 2012

More and more schools are starting to harvest rainwater for the irrigation of sports fields / vegetable gardens. It is such an easy way to start teaching children the importance of water. When you see the water tanks being emptied out at quite an alarming rate you start to realize just exactly how much water you use. It is a great initiative that all schools should consider.

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