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Hard fact – Electricity 30% up

Rustenburg – “With the release of the Rustenburg Municipal Budget 2012/2013, the average consumer will perhaps be surprised to note that the newly increased tariffs are not even remotely as radical as one would have expected during these quite challenging times”, Rustenburg Herald wrote in our edition of 29 June. This however, seemed to be a far cry from the truth!

When the formula used by Rustenburg Herald in our initial report is used, the “new” rates appeared to have represented an increase of 11% – in other words – an increase of some 8c per unit for the average Rustenburg household.

Following the “introduction” of these new tariffs, the Rustenburg Municipality in addition however, decided to allow a sliding scale & subsequent recommendations by NERSA (National Energy Regulator of South Africa) to eventually table quite substantially different and far from consumer friendly electricity tariffs!

To illustrate the new tariffs we have once again used the example of an average Rustenburg household with average consumption of 1 800 units electricity at a cost of R 1 584 + VAT. The NERSA sliding scale decided upon by the Rustenburg Municipality however, has complicated things somewhat and is calculated as follows:

0-50 units – 66c
51 – 350 units – 82c
351-600 units – 94c
600 units plus – R 112

The answer to our calculation of 1 800 units of electricity consumption according to the new sliding scale and NERSA recommendations – R 1 858 (+ VAT) – this boils down to a total and final increase for the year of 29.03% – quite a contradiction to those initially announced tariffs wouldn’t you say?

Rustenburg Herald 3 August 2012

I am not surprised. I have long gone, sadly so, lost my faith in the municipalities. Whether it concerns electricity or water – I am off the grid. THAT way they can increase the prices as much as they like, they can have electricity / water outages – the effects on my household is minimum. THAT is the solution. Added bonus; by getting off the grid you are building towards a greener planet. Solar, gas, rainwater harvesting and recycling of grey water – 4 systems and you have reduced your dependency on the municipalities drastically.

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