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Coastal development’s contribution to marine pollution

Coastal development is increasing rapidly and is projected to impact 91% of all inhabited coasts by 2050 and will contribute to more than 80% of all marine pollution

More than 80% of marine pollution which originates from land-based sources, is projected to increase, particularly in Southeast and East Asia, due to rising population and coastal development. Increased loads of sediments and nutrients from deforestation, sewage and river run-off will greatly diminish the resilience of coral reefs. The effects of pollution are exacerbated by the destruction of mangroves and other habitats due to the rapid construction taking place on coastlines. As much as 91% of all temperate and tropical coasts will be heavily impacted by development by 2050. These impacts will be further compounded by sea level rise and the increased frequency and intensity of storms that easily break down weakened or dead corals and are likely to severely damage beaches and coast lines.

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Please conserve water; recycle grey water, harvest rainwater. Big or small – ever one of us can make a difference – it is our duty as human beings.

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