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Water woes in South Sudan

Charles Molela

As the six-month rainy season began in July, tens of thousands of refugees fleeing fighting in Sudan were facing with a full-blown humanitarian crisis in the South Sudan’s Upper Nile and Unitary State. The heavy rains normally make things worse in these areas, causing floods and the outbreak of water-borne diseases.

According to Medecins Sans Frontieres, refugees arriving in Upper Nile and Unity State are encountering overflowing camps in which basic life-sustaining supplies and services are unavailable.

Access to water is extremely limited, malnutrition rates are at emergency levels and refugees dying daily from a lack of water and adequate medical care, as well as exhaustion, hunger and dehydration from long journeys on foot with little or nothing to eat or drink. Currently, the two states are hosting more than 150 000 refugees from Sudan.

The United Nations Security Council has since threatened to impose sanctions on Sudan and South Sudan if the two countries fail to halt the violence at their common border and return to the negotiating table to resolve the border dispute.

Mail & Guardian July 6 to 12 2012

How lucky we are we are not faced with such challenges. Please conserve water, what we have is all we will ever have.

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