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Sipho Kings

Future water availability is one of the biggest threats facing people and business in South Africa. Yet it is a threat that many companies do not seem to appreciate, if this year’s Water Disclosure Project report is anything to go by.

The report found that many companies did not understand the threat that water scarcity poses and if they did, ranked it low on their agenda.

Financial services group Sanlam is one company that is bucking this trend. For the past five years it has helped run the Living Waters Programme in partnership with the South African branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

“The current undervaluing of water is a serious problem for its conservation and for business in the future” said Johan van Zyl, Sanlam’s chief executive. “It is not sustainable to plan growth patterns that fail to account for the future availability of clean water.”

To boost awareness, Living Waters recently launched the Transformative Partnership, which will inform people about just how scarce water is and what they can do to look after water resources and to manage them more effectively.

Mail & Guardian June 29 – July 5 2012

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