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Can you survive a post-carbon world?

A revolutionary low-cost (R80 000) post-carbon house built from 680 tyres, cement, recycled wooden pallets, 2 400 tin cans and 18 000 cardboard boxes was unveiled recently at the Rocklands Urban Abundance Centre on the Rocklands Primary School groups on the Cape Flats.

A project of SEED, ‘The Homestead’ has been life-tested by Rocklands Primary School’s principal, who stayed in the house as a ‘post carbon survivor’ for a week.

His assessment: ‘The use of low-power appliances is something that will take some time to get used to, but I’m sure we will adapt to it. The use of the pedal-powered washing machine is a great way to get some exercise into the daily routine. The use of the solar dish to heat and prepare food works well with a plan B rocket stove of stick wood. The lack of TV means a lot more time to connect with family and to notice things like full moons and sunsets. My time in the house proved that we can change our lifestyles and that we can sustain our environment.’

The demo Homestead Model will eventually be home to the school’s new live-in caretaker, offering much needed security to the school.

Simply Green
Issue 3 2012

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