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Blue-green algae is seen spreading these days on the Chaohu Lake in China

Blue-green algae is seen spreading these days on the Chaohu Lake in Chaohu City, east China’s Anhui Province, due to the rising temperature and the wind direction changes.

As a result, the quality of the city’s drinking water was affected.

The eastern part of Chaohu Lake has been covered by the viscous algae and local fishermen said that there has been very bad smell and they have to buy bottled drinking water for their daily need.

The algae is estimated to continue invading the lake, and it would be very serious in July and August, local environmentalists said, adding that more and more local residents choose to use bottled water

Some residents installed filters on the tap to get running water processed.

Local environmentalists said that the eastern Chaohu Lake is located far from the two main water intakes of the city, thus the city’s main water source has not yet been affected. However, as some of the water intakes had been wrongly located by various enterprises, their water source might be affected.

The local environmental protection authorities are taking measures to prevent the water supply to be contamination this summer.

“We use our patented algae devices to extract algae into disposal ponds. Later we convert the condensed algae into algae putty through biological means, and the algae ooze can be used in afforestation,” said Shen Jianqun, chief of the pollution control section of Hefei Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau.

The algae, though nontoxic or fatally detrimental to water quality, ravages the ecosystem because it consumes large quantities of oxygen, thus suffocating other marine life.

CCTV News Conent
June 14 2012

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