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Metro rubbishes reports of sewage in Tshwane water

Tshifhiwa Shonisani

The Tshwane Metro has dismissed as a hoax reports that striking municipal workers have pumped sewage into water reservoirs.

They urged residents to ignore SMS’s doing the rounds alleging that their drinking water was unsafe.
Spokesman Nomasonto Ndlovu said none of their employees were on strike.

“We collect and take samples from reservoirs and networks in the entire Tshwane area daily. It can be confirmed that no E.coli or F.Coli, which are usually found in contaminated water, was detected,” she said.

Ndlovu also assured residents that the layout of water and sewerage infrastructure was such that it was for all practical reasons impossible to pump raw sewage into a reservoir.

“Our drinking water remains completely safe and fully satisfies the SANS 241 standard, which is the national authoritative standard against which all water systems are measured,” said Ndlovu.

The Citizen
Monday 18 June 2012

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