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Water World, Tuesday, 29 May 2012
By Allyn May Canja

It was four o’clock in the afternoon and the sun was commanding everyone to reduce the amount of garments they were wearing. Everyone was inside the mall not really buying anything but the free air conditioning. It was summer and the heat is making an emphasis to prove it. An hour after, the scene outside changed into a mini-end-of-the-world movie.

The streets transformed into small bodies of water making it hard for people to get on and off transportations. When it rains, it brings a little and sometimes huge disorder. And Iloilo City, being located at a flood prone area, oftentimes has its own share of flooding and they were terribly unpleasant.

Garbage that has been piled up for months floats on nasty smelling, dark brown water. The streets are mostly submerged in muddy water. You don’t have better choice but to let your shoes and your feet be soaked on it.

Actually, we do have a better choice. We can choose not to go through this aggravating situation.

Raining can’t be stopped but flooding can be mitigated. Why do you think it floods? Did you check your drainage lately? Did you check if the garbage has been collected? If you know the answer to these questions then there is still a hope of making this floodings a little less worse.

Flood doesn’t just bring ancient garbage back to people’s attention; it also carries with it a handful of diseases. The dirty flood water is a playground for bacteria. And when they find their way into your body, it is when they have a party, at your expense.

If the government can’t afford to have the nearest streets cleaned, why not spend time exercising by picking up trash and putting it in the right place where it could be collected. If the government can’t afford to have the clogged canal taken care of, why not stretch your arms and grab a shovel to fix it. If the government can’t solve it, maybe we should start solving it ourselves. Our government could use a little help sometimes.

Everything starts with you, even the flood. And so the solution must also start with you. Running water is persistent; it will always find its way to flow freely. May we be as determined as swelling water so that we can break the floodgates of this oftentimes frustrating situation and bring ourselves flowing into a better and cleaner change.

Allyn May Canja is an active member of Iloilo Student Alliance for Nature and Development (ISTAND), a group of students and students at heart that stands as the voice of Ilonggo youth especially on issues regarding the environment and sustainability.

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