Gauteng and NW Province

Pesticide related issues to be taken to a higher level.

Misuse of pesticide in the agriculture, public, wildlife and industrial sector is having a significant impact on human health and the environment at large.

Along with this South Africa is facing an increase in attempts by individuals and syndicates to illegally import unregistered pesticides into the country for criminal activities and illegal sales of such products.

The Griffon Poison Information Centre (GPIC) that has been in operation since 2004 is stepping up its operations to address the broader spectrum of issues relating to pesticides. Supporting farmers in choosing agricultural and stock remedies that are compatible with beneficial organisms such as oxpeckers, dung beetles, birds of prey and a multitude of other wildlife species will be stepped up to ensure that agriculture can be sustained while pests and disease are managed without posing harm to these organisms.

The emergency service continues to operate 24 hours per day to support especially veterinarians and health care professionals with advice on management of poisoning incidents. It also applies to transportation and warehouse accidents, spills and fires.

Brits Pos 8 June 2012

Roundup has already been found in American’s urine, their groundwater, rivers and streams. Please conserve our water, there is no option B; water is life and what we have is all we will ever have.

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