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Madibeng’s water drops not too bad

Despite the fact that the Madibeng Municipality is facing criminal charges for discharging unpurified sewage into the Crocodile River, its water was found acceptable in the 2012 Blue Drop report.

Water Affairs Minister Edna Molewa announced the results of the 2012 Blue Drop Certification on Monday.

Madibeng is one of the 47& of South Africa’s waste-water treatment works that received a zero Green Drop score in 2009. It upped its score from 36.72 in 2011 to 57.93 in 2012.

Leonard Manus, director of water service regulations, said water safety was a priority for the department and it would provide “full support and assistance” to the hot spots.

No specific deadlines have been given for the municipalities to clean their water, but Manus said: “We will work with the teams and give them all the support, but we will also put pressure on them to sort it out as soon as possible.”

He warned that the department would take action against municipalities that did not cooperate, including taking them to court, as with Madibeng.

10 May 2012 to 16 May 2012

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