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Sewage spilling into wetlands again – Ifafi, Hartbeespoort

The sewage pump stations at Ifafi and Venice Village have been overflowing for almost a month now while the Department of Water Affairs are waiting for pumps and ‘paper work’ from the department.

The department took over the refurbishment of all sewage pump stations in Hartbeespoort in the beginning of 2011. “It is no longer under the jurisdiction of the Madibeng municipality until the department signs it over to us once the refurbishments are completed,” said ward councillor Graeme Peplar.

The Ifafi pump station is awaiting a pump that is being repaired and the Venice Village station needs new equipment and to be flushed out before new pumps can be installed.

The contractors said they expect to have both stations working as they should within the next month.


April 12 – 18 2012


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