Gauteng and NW Province

The municipal way

Kormorant 19 to 25 April 2012

Hartbeespoort – Kosmos residents were both amused and annoyed last week when the Madibeng municipality claimed in last week’s Kormorant that it is in the process of fixing the vandalised Kosmos reservoir.

“Is this how the government fix things?” an outraged resident wanted to know.

The reservoir was vandalised a month ago and has not been repaired to its former condition.

A resident, who regularly walks past the reservoir on his daily walks has received electrical shocks twice when he tried to close the gate to the reservoir.

“The open live cables have been left on the ground and dangerous openings to the reservoir have been left open,” said Kosmos resident Max Gmur who discovered the vandalised reservoir.

Upon enquiry, Madibeng municipal spokesperson Tumelo Tshabalala said last week a contractor is on site fixing and replacing everything that was stolen. He said members of the public were not allowed in the premises.

When max visited the reservoir to check on the promised repairs, he found electrical cables covered with plastic bottles and reservoir openings with plastic sheets and rocks.

“Nothing has been repaired and the gate is still wide open.”


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