Gauteng and NW Province

Water Conservation and Water Demand Management Sector Awards

The nominees in the four categories of the Water Conservation and Water Demand Management Sector Awards, namely Agriculture, Business, Domestic / Local Government and Industry, Mining and Power Generation have undergone a stringent and impartial adjudication process.
The criteria for adjudication included amongst others, measurable impact / reduction in water wastage, innovation, it must have benefited the people on the ground, sustainability, economic benefit for the organisation / community and skills development.
Organisations could be nominated independently or by itself; the information on achievements had to be supported by written motivation from at least two people independent from the nominated organisation; supporting documents such as annual reports, water use reduction statistics, among others were needed.
There is still a tremendous scope of work needed to strengthen government to ensure faster implementation of effective Water Conservation and Water Demand Management programmes.
To this end, the department is working towards establishing a number of structures and strategic forums for constant water sector and stakeholder dialogue, engagements and partnerships to overcome constraints to Water Conservation and Water demand Management. These will, however, require concerted and coordinated action from all spheres, and the support of a wide range of role-players that goes beyond government to include ordinary people, organised business, and professional sector bodies.
Public Private Partnerships are critical in ensuring that the water sector overcomes its challenges, especially as it relates to water sector infrastructure investment. Together we must continue to conserve our precious water resources. South Africans in their respective capacities, in the household, industries, mining and agriculture are called upon to use water wisely through efficient implementation of Water Conservation and Water Demand Management programmes.

April 5 to 12, 2012

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