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Madibeng “place of water” upset

Brits – Madibeng (Place of Water) is the place that should have water but shortage of water is a major crisis in this municipality.

Mayor Poppy Mogongwa is on a venture to draw new investors to the Brits area, but who wants to reside in a town with lack of services, lack of infrastructure, constant strikes and roads full of potholes?

During the previous years 2010/2011 the Municipality undergone the Green Drop assessment and site inspection and the findings were as follows :

At the time of the Green Drop assessment and site inspection, the Madibeng Local Municipality performed very poorly. The valiant efforts by the staff to provide sufficient portfolio of evidence are acknowledged.

Unfortunately, the Madibeng system continues to be high risk to public health and the environment, and any progress made since the municipality has been placed under administration, has not transpired into sufficient proof on the ground, or in management systems and processes that would support a sustainable turnaround.

The green Drop assessment and overall municipal score of 6.6% indicate that the wastewater services are not meeting the expectations of the regulation programme.

This is supported by the CRR (Cash Receive Ration) profiles which show that all four treatment plants are in high risk space, with Brits and Lethabile steadily moving into critical risk zone.

Whilst evidence of work at the pumpstation, as well as progress on the Brits treatment plant is noted, the necessary evidence could not be presented to verify these claims.

From the 2010/11 Green Drop results, it is possible for the municipality to identify the key gaps in its water services delivery function and to rectify those in a risk-based approach.

The municipal services continue to pose a high risk to public health and environmental safety in the region.

Green Drop Findings :

1)      Four of the 4 wastewater systems do not have adequately technical registered staff to meet the basic requirements of Regulation 2834. The number of existing staff does not have the means and capacity to fulfil the duties involved in their day to day functions, which included water and wastewater management.

2)      None of the 4 systems could show monitoring programmes, scientific services support, credible data or plans involving the rectification of this situation. This transgression is a high risk situation and marks a zero % compliance of all 4 treatment systems.

3)      The absence of failure response management reflect the inability of the municipality to respond to emergency situations and events, such as pump-station failures, electricity interruptions, spillages etc.

4)      None of the 4 plants could present adequate plans and design features that is considered to be viable turnaround plans to raise the short to long term performance of the collector and treatment systems.

5)      Asset management principles, including basic financial management, are not evident in any of the 4 wastewater systems. Thus the finding that both collector and treatment systems are a major transgression which poses a significant risk to public health and the environment.

The Regulator is not satisfied with the overall performance of wastewater services management in Madibeng.

Article by Marcus Pooe

Brits Pos 30 March 2012


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