Gauteng and NW Province

Water and Sanitation in Brits

Mayor Poppy at Financial Speech.

“Our service delivery programme in Brits is troubled by the need to look back and fix the old infrastructure that can no longer hold the current demand for its usage.

One such is our water and sanitation works that require more frequent maintenance. Maintenance of these facilities has proven to be very expensive. For instance our water works rand value as at June 2007 was around R300 million and had a replacement value of above R700 million. This amount could have simply trebled counting the five years having gone by since the evaluation.

We however are planning to upgrade the Brits Water Treatment Plant so that its ultimate output can increase to 20 Mega Litres a day in order to deal with Eskom is currently supplying 36 000 households in Madibeng with electricity. We have approved an amount of R4 million in our budget adjustments to energising 80 high mast lights mostly in areas supplied by Eskom.

Contractors have been appointed for the maintenance of street lights and high mast lights in the entire Madibeng area. This, we believe will go a long way in the fight against crime and bringing stability in our communities”.

Madibeng Times

30 March 2012

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