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There’s water! ….. and we can drink it.

The news thousands of residents in Hartbeespoort have been waiting for has arrived.

Rand water is here!

The ‘tap’ was finally opened without warning on Tuesday afternoon and Hartbeespoort has been buzzing with the good news.
The only areas still experiencing problems are Meerhof and parts of Xanadu. “These areas’ water system has been designed to feed from the Meerhof reservoir and Rand Water will work on pressure in order to fill the reservoir” ward councillor Graeme Peplar said.
The rest of the area’s water is delivered directly through the Rand Water pipeline.

Residents don’t have to be concerned about first flushing existing water out of their systems. And it is safe to drink, assured Graeme. “The water has been tested by different laboratories and approved for consumption”.

29 March 2012

It is indeed good news for the Hartbeespoort area to open a tap and not have that smell anymore, but it does not mean you don’t have to conserve water anymore. Please use only what you need and if and where you can harvest your own rainwater. With the past three days’ rain we harvested 7 500L of water. An average household of 2 adults + 1 child will use approximately 720L of water p/day. What does that mean if you have a Water Rhapsody Grand Opus (Rainwater harvesting) system? It means you don’t need municipal water for at least 10 days. Which means you have a very low water bill and you make every drop count, especially if you re-use your grey water and irrigate you garden with it!

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