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Rustenburg plagued by power interruptions.

Barely were a number of grossly inconvenient power interruptions of recent weeks a thing of the past and the reason for these outages explained by the Rustenburg Municipality’s spokesperson (Khularo Ramantsi) or the city was struck by another series of interruptions lasting anything between four and five hours.
It seems that the latest project in which virtually every street corner is unearthed in a project to equip Rustenburg Municipal area with new fibre optical cabling to speed up communication amongst others, will inter alia not be that easy to forget. At least of these latest power interruptions were ascribed to workers accidentally damaging the existing 33 000v cable around Rustenburg suburbs.

March 23, 2012

Be lucky it was electrical outages and not water outages! In certain Hartbeespoort suburbs residents have been without water AGAIN for up to 10 days at a time. Get off the grid and avoid all these outages.Lessen your dependence on municipalities.

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