Gauteng and NW Province

The Green Drop certification programme.

“24 Hours a day, seven days a week, South Africa’s waste-water infrastructure collects, transports and treats millions of litres of raw sewage for safe discharge to rivers, dams, sea and land.

Behind this non-stop process are dedicated individuals and water services institutions who make sure this process continue without interruption and with great responsibility and due diligence in ensuring that public health is protected, the environment is conserved and that drinking water resources remain clean for future generations to come.

What is green Drop certification?

Green Drop certification is an incentive-based regulation that focuses on the entire waste-water business of water services institution.
The programme came at a time when the importance of effective regulation was recognised as a critical driver to improve and turn around sub-standard waste-water management services, whilst recognising and rewarding excellence in the sector.

Should a water services institution be awarded a Green Drop, it means that the waste-water system and management practices carry a high level of confidence by the department, and that the particular waste-water system has been subjected to a thorough technical assessment and verification audit of all material presented by the participating municipality.”

Pretoria News
March 26 2012

The article goes on and on and on, unfortunately reality is we have dams and rivers full of sewage. Somewhere along the line all the “dedicated” people are not so dedicated after all. The “safe” discharge is obviously not safe at all. It is a risk drinking tap water. Maybe the “green” refers to the colour of water we see here at Hartbeespoort? “Environment is conserved”?  Yeah right!

We believe by sending LESS water to the treatment plants you can help solving these problems. Maybe the “dedicated” people can manage treating less water. Rainwater harvesting enables you to collect your own rainwater (at no charge), it then gets used in your household (bypassing municipal water) and it can be used AGAIN to irrigate your garden. What happened? Rainwater ended up back in your own garden after you used it to bath etc (at no charge!) The amount of water sent to the treatment plants was minimum.

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