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Water is Life! Respect it, Conserve it and Enjoy it!

RUSTENBURG – According to Emily Dickinson, ‘Water, is taught by thirst’. Living in Rustenburg, located in the North West Province, South Africa it sounds a little ridiculous due to our usual plentiful rainfall patterns. We are blessed!

However; not so privileged individulas for e.g. people living in deserts or areas with low rainfall, or even nomads for that matter; or even worse ….. people who have water, but cannot drink their own tap water…. These are the people who understand how precious water really is.

More precious than any gem stone!

Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs Ms Edna Molewa has made a clarion call to all South Africans to make a positive contribution towards water conservation and protection of all water resources in our country and our communities.

World Water Day was celebrated by hosting an event in Rustenburg on the 20th March 2012; cleaning up the Dorpspruit.
It was a hive of activity as officials from Bojanala Platinum District Municipality and its five local municipalities joined hands with Magalies Water, Rand Water Board, Xstrata as well as the Greater Rustenburg Taxi Council to clear the area around the Dorpspruit.

Amongst the main goals of this awareness is to remind citizens that South Africa is a water scarce country and that water is a limited resource.

What are YOU going to do towards preserving water? Merely read this article and nod a few times; or actually get up and DO something to save water …. The choice is yours.

The country’s already scarce water resource is further threatened by high levels of pollution in dams and rivers, water wastage that occurs in our homes and a lack of commitment to conserve water by industries as well as the agricultural sector.


How many of us living in and around Hartbeespoort cannot drink our tap water? We already buy all our drinking water. Start saving water now. Re-use your grey water for irrigation all year round and when spring comes be ready to harvest your own rainwater. Make every drop count!

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