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Blue Drop status

Blue Drop certification propels SA’s drinking water to excellence.

The Blue Drop certification programme was designed and implemented to bring back the importance of people within the context of the quality of tap water. It acknowledges the importance of the people who drink the water as well as those responsible for treating the water.

The American Academy for Environmental Engineering (an affiliate of the International Water Association) acknowledged this programme together with the Green Drop certification programme by awarding the department with an award for environmental engineering excellence.

What does Blue Drop certification means?

Blue Drop Status is granted by the department should a town’s water supply meet 95% of the regulatory criteria. It also serves as seal of approval of the adopted risk-based management processes that are in line with the guidelines set by the World Health Organization.

If your town does not have Blue Drop certification it does not automatically mean that the water is unsafe for human consumption.

Certification is obtained as an acknowledgement of excellent drinking water quality management and this surpasses the requirements of the national norms and standards by some reasonable margin.

Monday 26 March 2012

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