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Natural springs taken over by Israel

JERUSALEM – Israeli settlers have taken over dozens of natural springs in the West Bank, limiting or preventing Palestinian access to much-needed water sources, a United Nations (UN) report said yesterday (19 March 2012).
The report said at least 30 springs across the West Bank had been taken over by settlers, with Palestinians unable to access them at all. In most instances, the report said “Palestinians have been deterred from accessing the springs by acts of intimidation, and violence perpetrated by Israeli settlers.” Israel slammed the report as “distorted, biased and full of inaccuracies,” and said it protected full access to springs throughout the West bank.
The report said an Ocha survey carried out in 2011 identified some 56 springs under total or partial control of Israeli settlers, most in the part of the West Bank which is under full Israeli military control.
“Springs have remained the largest water source for irrigation for Pa;estinians.” Ocha said, noting that some springs provide water for domestic consumption.

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