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Rand Water in Hartbeespoort

If water tests in the Rand Water pipeline yesterday (Wednesday, 14 March 2012) are approved, Hartbeespoort residents might just hold their breaths this weekend for the first drops of Rand Water running from their taps.
“Water from the Rand Water pipeline is already filling up the Silkaatsnek reservoir and tests are being done today to test the water quality,” ward councillor Graeme Peplar said yesterday.
“If the water tests are approved, the Madibeng Municipality will get the go-ahead to open the valves to let the water through our system,” he said.
“The whole line will have to be emptied of the water currently in it. All water outlets will be opened to drain the line and residents will be informed. Residents will then be expected to open all taps and drain water tanks in order to empty the line. Rand Water will then be flushed through the system and into the Meerhof reservoir.”
Areas that will in future be supplied of water by Rand Water are Xanadu, Meerhof, Birdwood, Ifafi and Melodie up to Bach Street.
“There is a possibility that the line might supply areas further into Melodie, at a later stage” Graeme said.
The Silkaatsnek reservoir will supply water to the Refentse settlement and the Sunway low cost housing settlement, currently under construction, once the pipelines are constructed.
In the mean time, residents in Meerhof and Ifafi have been periodically without water the past week.
“Water usage is so high that the reservoir in Meerhof is way under capacity and does not get the chance to fill up.”
Some residents’s lack of consideration for others who experience severe water shortages again became evident this week when the ward councillor received an “urgent demand” that he organise a municipal water tanker to fill up a Schoemansville resident’s swimming pool before they go on leave.
“We request residents to please consider others in the area who have a severe water crisis and refrain from wasting water on gardening etc until the crisis is solved, hopefully as soon as the weekend.”

Kormorant 15 March 2012

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