Gauteng and NW Province

Only four dams in the North West still full

Due to South Africa’s unpredictable rainfall, high evaporation rates and low conversion of rainfall to runoff, South Africa is a water stressed country, where demand is fast exceeding available supply. This, coupled with rising water consumption, is placing increasing demands on the Nation’s existing water resources. The North West Province, being generally an arid province has all of these water resource constraints.

It is evident that the year 2012 is a drought year for the North West. With the rain continuing to stay away from the catchment  areas of the dams only four dams are full at present (16 March 2012) and only three were overflowing.

According to The Department of Water Affairs in Hartbeespoort the status of the dams are as follows :

Bospoort 100,41%                                      Buffelspoort 99,89%
Disaneng 80,10%                                        Hartbeespoort 98,89%
Klipvoor 96,82%                                        Koster 92,13%
Marico Bosveld 92,05%                         Molatedi 60,80%
Ngotoane 49,60%                                     Pella 69,76%
Roodekopjes 90,08%                              Roodeplaat 99,14%
Sehujwane 64,48%                                    Setumo (Modimola) 89,17%
Vaalkop 52,25%                                         Olifantsnek 86,70%
Rietvlei 100,63%                                       Swartruggens 99,90%
Bon Accord 105,10%                                Makolo 100,57%

Water conservation is becoming more crucial by the day. Harvest rain water, re-use grey water. Take care of the one thing we cannot do without. Make every drop count….

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