Gauteng and NW Province

Water wise gardens

In many gardens it is an annual tradition to dig up all the beds, add compost or rotted manure and dig it in. This in fact is not such a good idea, especially due to the moisture loss.

Just remember not to stand in your own garden; compacted soil caused by your own weight is the main concern. It is wise to make the beds just wide enough for you to reach the middle comfortably from the path or place stepping stones in wider beds.

With no-digging gardens it also helps to have an edge around the beds to retain water and soil.
Organic gardening is about creating a biologically balanced ecosystem. By eliminating chemicals and poisons, the earth regenerates, natural cycles develop and food chains become established.

When you use grey water to irrigate your garden make sure you use environmentally friendly products and phosphate free washing powder. Most retailers stock a variety of products that are eco friendly and recommended for grey water systems.

The re-use of water is becoming more and more attractive, especially in a sub-Saharan country like South Africa.

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