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Water crisis in South Africa

Engineers from Pretoria voiced their concerns over the water crisis in South Africa  in 2008 already :
“Recent events in South Africa indicate that the national government is very concerned about the water situation,” the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) said. It said it had, in conjunction with the Water Institute of Southern Africa (Wisa), presented a joint submission to the parliamentary portfolio committee on water and forestry.
The submission was intended to lend weight to the grave concerns from diverse quarters that the water situation was a national crisis of the first rank. “SAICE and Wisa together represent most of the professional water engineers and water scientists in South Africa.
The submission was presented to the committee in Cape Town. In the submission, the bodies said increasing water scarcity created enormous challenges in equitably allocating it as a precious resource to competing sectors. – SAPA

20 Years ago Johannesburg had an average rainfall of between 750 – 1 000mm p/annum. Now Johannesburg averages between 700 – 800mm. Pretoria and most of the North West had an average rainfall of between 500 – 750mm p/annum. Now they struggle to reach 600mm.
We are not talking about a decreased rainfall of over a period of 50 years, only 20 years!

It is becoming increasingly more important to harvest rainwater and recycle water. Some people store harvested rainwater in water tanks to use at a later stage to feed animals or irrigate the garden. That is already a start. If you can’t harvest rainwater for household and property use, then at least start by storing it in a tank for another day.

Water conservation is a shared responsibility.

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