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Blue gold: World Water Wars

The war over your water is about to begin’.

For once, such language is not sensationalist. Water is our most vital commodity. Could it be true that the struggle against a handful of major multinationals, who see in privatised water the opportunity to make more out of ‘blue gold’ than anyone has ever made out of ‘black gold’ (oil) or even gold itself? Indeed. A man can live without gold, even without oil, but not without water. How much power, then, do those who control our water have over us? The answer is too much. And if that power is held in the hands of a ruthless, faceless corporation, answerable to no one national government, then the opportunity for, and likelihood of, abuse of that power is scarily enormous. We are likely to face a global struggle around water and the control of it. Long before other effects of global climate change are likely to be knocking on our doors, the lack of fresh drinking water is going to be the death of many of us. The issue is so serious that is by far the leading front-runner in terms of what may start the next worldwide conflagration, with consequences both beyond imagination and too awful to contemplate.

Do yourself a favor and watch the film ‘Blue Gold, World Water Wars’. It is a “must see”. Then do something about it! USE LESS WATER. The solution is simple. Rain water is FREE, harvest it, use it in your household. Re-use it again to irrigate your garden. We can still make a change. Don’t wait, act now! By harvesting your own rain water you also reduce your dependency on those in control.

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