Gauteng and NW Province

Water is life!

The situation with water, and current or impeding water ‘starvation’ is dire in South Africa. By 2020, SAs water supply deficit will be 11% of supply – by 2013, just a year away, we’ll already have a water shortage of over 5%. As one of the countries likely to be significantly and negatively impacted by climate change, water is more than a crucial issue. In 2008 the Department of Water Affairs introduced the ‘blue drop’ incentive based water quality regulation strategy where municipalities are certified with a ‘blue drop’ if they fulfill certain requirements. In 2010 only 38 gained it out of 787 systems that were assessed. That is less than 5%! Most feel the government is in denial about the extent of the water crisis in SA and are not doing nearly enough about it. Large tracts of the country face not only changed rainfall patterns, but much reduced rainfall, within a matter of years.

Please harvest rainwater, reduce and recycle water.

Water conservation is a shared responsibility.

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